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Legal transcription such as depositions
Progress Notes/Office Visit
Business transcription such as meeting notes

History and Physical Reports
Interviews or focus group recordings

Discharge Summaries

Company Information

MT-S.T.A.T. is located in Hickory, North Carolina. Our mission is to produce the highest quality transcription records with a personal touch, at competitive prices. Even though we have clients in various states around the U.S., we maintain the “neighborhood store” mentality. This means we pride ourselves on providing personalized services to suit your needs. We have been providing high quality transcription services since 2005. We are so confident you will be pleased with our services, that we offer a FREE trial!

Let us take care of your transcription needs. No more staffing or logistics problems for you as MT-S.T.A.T. Inc. has the expertise and capacity to provide anything from overflow work support up to complete outsourcing of your transcription needs. MT-S.T.A.T. Inc.’s professional team brings over 70 years of experience in the transcription field, and another 60 years of managerial experience. We can help you with any kind of transcription you need including medical, legal, interviews, focus groups and business conferences

Operative Reports

Consultation Reports

Medical Records, etc.

Podcast Transcription Service