Frequently Asked Questions

At MT-S.T.A.T. Inc., a line is based on a 65 character count. A character is defined as a letter, number, space, symbol and/or a function key. For example, capitalization and underlining are charged as 2 characters. We do not count bold on or bold off as characters. Our line count is firmly established, and not subject to changes.

At MT-S.T.A.T. Inc. we want to create long-term relationships with our customers where they actually feel they are part of the “MT-S.T.A.T. Family.” We will “go the extra mile” to meet all of your requests. We know how hard you work in your practice, and the last thing you need is to have additional problems with your transcription process. If an issue arises, we can be contacted in a variety of methods. One of our owners, Mark Gerson will spend the majority of his time in Oregon. Therefore, he is just a phone call away for a personal visit to your office to discuss ANY concerns or needs you have. Our Cebu office can be contacted via the phone, emails or chatting. Once we are informed of the problem, whether it is a technical issue or it involves transcription production, we will take the necessary steps to quickly resolve the issue.

Yes. Our Quality Assurance Program is a proactive process which provides two separate reviews of all transcription work prior to its return to the customer. In addition, we constantly monitor all of our procedures as we are continuously seeking ways in which we can improve our performance.

MT-S.T.A.T. Inc. retains all voice and transcribed files in our US based database for one year. Clients, however, may make arrangements for longer or shorter storage periods if required. No files will be stored here in Cebu, we just access your files from within our secure production server in NY, NY.

Yes. Immediately after uploading the recorded voice files into our ASP provider’s system, any user with access via password, may access his/her files. Additionally, the user may, at anytime, check for updates on reports.

No. All of our transcriptionists, editors, doctors, Quality Control/Assurance personnel and IT experts are MT-S.T.A.T. Inc. employees.

Yes. Our ASP provider, Medikin’s software allows you to access your files from any computer that has Internet access. All you need are your account name and password. Users may listen to their dictation, or view their written transcription.

MT-S.T.A.T. Inc. meets all current HIPAA regulations. In fact, we actively monitor changes to HIPAA regulations, and even regulations that are being considered being added to HIPAA requirements. We want to stay “ahead of the game” at MT-S.T.A.T. Inc.

Congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996. HIPAA defines regulations to protect the security and confidentiality of electronic health information. Clinics, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies were forced to meet compliance by April 14, 2003 or face civil and criminal penalties. More information can be found on our HIPAA sub-section of our site. You can also check out HIPPA’s home page on the Internet,

The MT-S.T.A.T. system offers 24 hour/day – 7 days/week – 365 days/year access to your files. Our production center here in Cebu is also open extended hours. We have a backup generator, so there is no danger of an interruption in our service due to power failure.

MT-S.T.A.T. has the ability to expand capacity to serve an unlimited number of users. We also guarantee you will never get a “busy” signal if you call in your transcription to our toll free number.

Yes – Absolutely. Any touch-tone capable phone can access our 1-800 number and will allow complete dictation services and editing of previously submitted voice files. Voice quality, of course, is dependent on your cell phone’s signal quality. We will notify you if there was a problem with voice quality.

Generally we charge 7 cents per line for medical transcription work and $1 per audio minute for general or legal transcription. Please contact us at for more detailed information on rates. The rates will vary depending on your desired turn-around-time and other variables.

For medical files click here

For other files We will provide you with a login in name and password to upload work to our private FTP server. You may also attach your smaller files to emails and send them to us.