General Transcription


General Transcription

We can take care of all your transcription needs. In addition to being experts in the field of medical transcription, we have extensive experience with the following areas of transcription: Legal–including court reporting, business-such as interviews, focus groups, speeches and lectures, and podcasts.

We can personalize the format to meet your specific needs. For example, we can delete the “ahs” and “ums” or keep them, whatever you prefer. The final transcript will be in MS Word, with proper grammar, and as close to perfect as possible-you may have to fill in a few names or unusual terms.



We generally charge only $1 per audio minute for general transcription—that is anything that is NOT medical. For files with more than 2 speakers, poor audio quality or heavy accents, there are slightly higher rates. We often can get the finished transcript back to you within 12-24 hours. Some days, however, we’re swamped with work and your file would have to be completed within the following couple of days. Even on these days, we can usually offer you that fast or “stat”service for a small surcharge.


How to send us your files

It could not be easier to send us your audio files. On our home page, please click on the cardboard box in the upper left corner. That will bring up a secure server to send us your files. Simply click on the browse tab and you can find your files from your computer. Then click send. This uses a SECURE business platform so your files are processed through a secure server which is unlike emails which are not secure. If you want to send us multiple files you can zip them into a folder and upload the folder