You may use any digital recorder available in the market or you may call our toll free number. If you use your phone, just dial our toll-free 1-800 number and enter your account number and PIN. Voice prompts will then take you through the process quickly and easily. If you prefer to use the recorder, you simply dictate and then save your information. With the hand-held, digital recorder device, dictating is convenient from anywhere at any time.


Upload Your Transcription

At the end of your day, simply plug your hand-held recorder into your PC using the cable provided, and then upload the audio files to our server. It’s that easy! This can be done from any PC with an internet connection. If you dictate using the phone, your file will be stored automatically in the US based server we use. If you prefer, we can set it up so that your files will never leave the US! They would remain in the US based server, and our MT’s in the Philippines then log into that server to work on the files.


Medical Transcription

Our MT’s are divided into specialist teams. Each Doctor is allocated one or two MT’s. This helps to ensure quality as each MT becomes familiar with his/her doctor on a regular basis. With our attitude of personal service, we create individual document templates for each of our Doctors. You tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll make it. These personalized templates help us maintain the highest quality work and consistency on every file we transcribe. Doctors can amend or update their layout requirements anytime at no additional cost.


Quality Control

All files are completed by our Quality Control Department. The MT transcribes and self-edits the file. The file is checked again word for word against the original dictation by a senior editor. High quality is so important to us, that we even have a licensed medical doctor on staff to check for any medical mistakes that may have been missed.


Output and Complete

Once the file has been fully edited and rechecked it is ready for the doctor to access it. The doctor simply logs into his/her account on our US based server using a secure password and downloads it to his/her computer.