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  • Eben Gordon - Inari Medical
    MT-STAT did a great job with the transcripts! I was amazed at how well they were able to decipher what was said and deal with the medical terminology. The accuracy was truly amazing in such a short turnaround time. We will definitely be using your services in the future.
  • Michael Several - Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center
    I am responsible for an oral history project at my temple. The transcripts MT-STAT has prepared are accurate, well-organized, and the cost is very reasonable. It is a pleasure to have such a quality product.
  • Ruthann C. - University of Arizona
    I needed 25 interviews transcribed as quickly as possible to complete my dissertation on a tight schedule. Even though I have transcribed many times, MT-S.T.A.T. did so much faster than I could have and with fantastic accuracy. They were great communicators and always responded quickly to my queries. I recommend them to all my doctoral candidate colleagues who will be using data requiring transcription. They were amazing! I would not have my PhD at this time if not for MT-S.T.A.T.!
  • J. H. - n/a
    I used MT - S.T.A.T.'s transcription services for a research project that I was working on as a part of my dissertation. My transcriptions were received in a timely manner and were extremely accurate and very well organized. I would highly recommend MT-S.T.A.T. to anyone seeking to have qualitative interviews transcribed. They did a phenomenal job for me!!!
  • Diana Cesario - PR Consultant
    MT-STAT did an excellent job transcription a phone conversation for a court appearance and the deadline was very tight. It was a 48 minute call and they were able to capture most of the entire call (short of a very unintelligible words). I would certainly work with them again.