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  • Dr. Chang, Postdoctoral Resear - UC San Diego
    MT-STAT's service is good, fast, and affordable. The staff is friendly, personal, and accomodating. I have used them twice to transcribe interview data and will definitely consider using them again.
  • Ahmad Hamdan - PhD student
    Thanks for MT-STAT, They transcribed my audio files in a very short period of time, and I was able to complete the project ontime. They are awesome.
  • J. Bennett - Chateau Development, Inc.
    I used MT-S.T.A.T for transcribing some videos from my father who has a terminal disease. They performed the work quickly and accurately. I honestly was amazed at the turnaround time and the cost. Thank you.
  • Lindsey - N/A
    Mt-Stat was a pleasure to work with. The customer service is excellent. Their work is precise and done in a timely manner. They are also extremely thorough in their transcriptions. I can't imagine a better service.
  • Father Marc Boulos - St. Paul, Minnesota
    "When I turned to MT-STAT for assistance transcribing my lectures, I was delighted, not only by their affordable price, but with the speed and quality of their service. MT-STAT is customer focused and friendly. They transcribed a five hour lecture for me in less than one week. I highly recommend their service." - Fr. Marc Boulos, St. Paul, Minnesota