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  • Judy Beglaubter - Doctoral Candidate
    The MT-STAT team was a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the high quality transcriptions and prompt, courteous service. You did a great job on both interview and focus group transcribing, and I will definitely be using you for all my transcribing needs in the future.
  • Devesh Tiwary - TiMedLaw Firm, P.A.
    As a medical malpractice attorney and a board certified surgeon, I personally review and dictate the relevant medical record for my cases. I have very specific requirements for my dictations. MT-STAT had a very short learning curve; excellent transcripts; quick turn around; and flexible payment options (I preferred Paypal, which isn't their usual system, but they agreed).
  • Gilan M. Menegat - Doctoral Candidate
    Sending off audio files for transcription was easy and time saving. Generally, I received transcripts back within three days of my interviews. Thank you for the assistance in advancing my study.
  • Tim Bourquin - Ideas For Download
    I've worked with MT-STAT for over a year and have been very happy with both the quality and the value of their pricing. I have a very specific format I need the transcripts returned and they have always happily done so. They are responsive, fast and very accurate - even when my audio files contain complex financial terminology. I recommend them to anyone looking for transcription services. They've totally spoiled me and I won't use anyone else!
  • Victor Shapiro - One Light Pictures & Words
    I have been using MT-STAT for months on a documentary film project and have not once been disappointed. Extremely good to work with, accurate, affordable and on time delivery; hard to believe in this day and age - but true. This is an easy recommendation borne of genuine appreciation and a degree of amazement.