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  • Kami Winningham - Earnhardt Pirkle, Inc.
    As a video producer, I look for accurate, timely, and affordable transcription companies. MT-STAT delivers on all 3 fronts. I highly recommend them.
  • Jim Sterne, Author - Target Marketing
    There is an old engineering saying: I know you want it fast, cheap and high quality... pick any two. Well, MT-S.T.A.T. makes a mockery of that limitation because the work is excellent, quick and surprisingly affordable. I have had other transcriptions done form better recordings and have still had to edit a lot of errors and additions... and guess at the omissions. MT-S.T.A.T. gives me text files I can use immediately. I am a fan.
  • Tom Trush - Copywriting and Marketing Strategist
    Distributing transcripts of my interviews with industry experts is an essential part of my marketing strategy. I count on the professionals at MT-S.T.A.T. to deliver accurate transcripts in a timely manner -- and they deliver each time. Their transcription services truly help me deliver more value to my clients and prospects.
  • Louis Lautman - CEO The Young Entrepreneurs Society
    I have used many transcription companies prior to meeting Mark Gerson and MT-STAT, but after experiencing how professional and friendly Mark was and his excellent quality of work, service and value, I have always used them for my transcription needs.