Our Training

Legal transcription such as depositions
Progress Notes/Office Visit
Business transcription such as meeting notes

History and Physical Reports
Interviews or focus group recordings

Discharge Summaries

Our Training

Our staff have years of experience working as transcriptionists. For those working on our medical files, most are medical professionals such as nurses or physical therapists. Even with their medical background, we put them through extensive medical transcription training, MT English instruction and additional medical lectures. All staff members are thoroughly screened and tested to ensure that our employees are properly trained, experienced and dependable. Thorough background checks are also conducted prior to hiring. We then continue the training with more HIPAA requirements, and continuous growth in medical language, linguistics, grammar, accents, and speech patterns. Our editors all have at least TEN years experience in the transcription industry. Additionally, as a prerequisite to employment, all employees are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Operative Reports

Consultation Reports

Medical Records, etc.

Podcast Transcription Service